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     Educational Systems Technological Institute (E.S.T.I) was founded in 1990 to pioneer in computer education services in the province of Marinduque. Initially, only short term vocational courses, like Office Management with Computer Technology and Electronics Technology were offered but as the need for four year academic programs became evident, the educational institution started offering B.S. Computer Science and B.S. in Business Administration.

     Marinduque being an island province has a fine tradition of producing competent seafarers. These professionals are well respected and admired by the local community such that many among the youth aspire to become one of them. This fact and the clamor of the community paved the way for the institutions opening of a maritime school. One year and two years seaman training program, both vocational courses were offered first. Then on June 1996, B.S. Marine Transportation was introduced.

     On June 1998, E.S.T.I. started instituting a quality system with the vision of enhancing management efficiency and providing better services to its clients. The first phase was spent documenting operating procedures in every aspect of operation. Gradually quality practices were applied, and finally culminating with the development of a Quality Standard System Manual.

     The Quality Standards System Manual is based on the ISO 9001 model and contains the policies on which the quality assurance of the institution is based. Policies, procedures, and other documents, which define the way the institution conducts business, are commercial-in-confidence, so they may not be released outside the institute. The quality assurance system is documented to ensure control of all activities within the institute and to limit risks encountered. It is hoped that the continuous quality improvement effort within the institute will be the prime mechanism by which the quality assurance system becomes more efficient and effective.

     Then with all the untiring efforts of everybody in the institution put together, the institution was granted 100% compliance by the Commission on Higher Education. It was also certified by the Lloyds of London of the United Kingdom and granted ISO 9001 (International Organization for Standardization Certificate and STCW '95 100% compliance)

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