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   We are here again about to witness what will be to some of you the culmination of your academic pursuit. Although I am wishing that most of you graduating class of "Kawan Malikhain", if given the chance will still pursue post graduate studies and be experts on your chosen field. I know though, that you and your families already toiled very hard just for you to reach this stage of your academic life. I salute you and your family for this endeavor .

   I feel like I know you all even if I have not talked to some of you for your entire stay here in our college. Like most students here, you like to play or watch basketball games. You like to pass time playing computer games . I know DOTA and COC is very enjoyable to play, thus, it is quite addicting. You like to spend time connecting with your friends and families in Facebook. And most of all you like to pass time using your UNLI CALLS AND UNLI TXT chatting on the phone. And sometimes when you are so bored playing games and talking on your phones, you get your school notes and you do some studying. But guess what, you still pass your subjects and now you are about to graduate. Can you just imagine what you can achieve if you will just focus your time and effort more on studies, your career and working for your future. ?. Your success will depend on how much effort you will put in achieving your goals in life. As the saying goes " No Pain No Gain", you need to work tremendously hard if you want to achieve something in your life

    I also know that some of you do not wish to enroll in the course that you are graduating from today . You will say, it is your parents choice or somebody else's choice but not yours. The time to complain and fret is years past so forget about this issue. Do not let this issue sidetrack you for the rest of your life. Just go on and build a successful career using what you have today.

   Let me tell you about my own experience. After graduating from High School, I wanted to become a lawyer or a pilot. My father said that I should be an engineer, so I enrolled in an engineering course and studied very hard. . When I graduated, I did not fret and blame somebody for a course I did not like. I just gave my best to try to overcome the challenges that I encountered. That is what I am still doing until now. I always give my best effort in everything that I do. You may say I am quite successful with the businesses that I have now. You too can be a success, you just have to be single-mindedly focused on what you want in your life. Persevere and do not give up when you fail . Our stature in life is not permanent, a very successful person can be penniless in a few years, and your neighbor who walks to school because he has no money for his tricycle ride can be a multimillionaire in the future. You need to get up every time you fall. When your life and career is uphill, do not quit, for success is not for quitters and whiners. Whatever happens, do not forget to thank all the people who helped you along the way.

   While you are here in our campus I am sure you already learned more than just how to do a proper salute when required, how to change the fuse when you short circuit the project, how to confidently and welcomingly greet a tourist, or how to do CONTROL ALT DELETE when your computer just refused to work. I am sure you already know all those things, but life is not all academics and trade skills . The knowledge you gained from your studies will just be one of a lot of tools that you will be needing and using in your life . You will be constantly needing new skills and new information to build your arsenal of additional tools to be competitive in the job market. A very good "professional attitude" and "emotional maturity" will also be indispensable tools to get ahead in your life.

   You can rest for a few days after today's commencement activities. Enjoy the congratulatory greetings from friends and families . Your message inbox in your phone and your e-mail account might reach the maximum limit so watch out for it. Better delete your old messages to make room for the expected thousands of congratulatory messages. I am sure you might even receive in your Facebook account, messages from relatives you have not heard from for a very long time, and you might even get messages from total strangers. What I am trying to say is, enjoy the moment because in a week or two, this period will pass and you will go back to reality. You will be joining the job market which is very competitive right now. The current environment is not for the faint hearted, I advise you not to be too choosy with jobs. Take the first available job offered to you then while working, constantly look for better options. You need to use all the available resources that is available to help you get a job. Use your parents, relatives and friends network. Use Facebook, LinkedIn and the social media to look for jobs and to advertise yourself and let people know that you are looking for a job. I am not worried though because I am sure if you will work hard enough in looking for a job, you will surely get one in no time.

   Today is a happy day. I am happy because I know that all of you parents, guardians and students are very happy and proud that all your hard work finally paid off. I am sure that everybody in our school, the academic , the support and the administrative staff are also very happy that collectively we have produced another batch of fine young competitive graduates. I am also very happy and proud in joining you in celebrating this achievement . Let us thank the good Lord for letting all our hard work come to the fruition of our dreams. Congratulations to you parents , guardians, and to the entire staff of our school for reaching another milestone as we celebrate the graduation of this years graduating class of "Kawan Malikhain". To you graduates, may your creativeness bring you the best that life has to offer.

Chief Executive Officer
April 02, 2016

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