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   Its again Christmas and a few days from now we will have a New Year . The mood is festive as we get so excited about seeing once again our relatives and old friends in parties and reunions. The excitement gets into another level when we open gifts we received and yet the most exciting of all these experiences is seeing the smile on faces of special persons looking at the gifts that we gave. Yes it is still the giving part that gives us a different high no matter how simple our gifts or gesture may be.

   As I wish you students, parents, teachers, staff and administrators a Merry Christmas and More Successful and Happy New Year, I also would like to encourage all of you to try our very best to give our loved ones something that will make them smile . A greeting card to our teacher, a video call to our Kuya or Ate abroad, cologne or perfume for our parents or a warm and tight hug to our Lola and Lolo will surely elicit smile of happiness. Let us take extra effort during this season to make people around us feel that thay are loved.

    This holiday season, let us join together in prayer to our Lord God Almighty that the gift of love and compassion be showered to all of us and most specially to those who have so much less and those who are in dire need of help.

Chief Executive Officer
December 23, 2017